Tuesday, 5 November 2013

WIP: Thousand Sons Raptor Champion

My Raptors have made a small comeback lately. I used them in a 1000pt game against my girlfriend's Necron/Slaanesh alliance. Not only did they blow the butt off a dreadnought with meltas, but also managed to distract the army and challenge noise marines. I mean, they got their ghost-butts handed to them, but it's a noble effort. I did experience a real-world casualty though: my Raptor champion fell from a first story floor (in-game, about 2") and broke. Hmm, you think they'd be tougher than that. Whilst I plan to fix it, it did give me an opportunity to make another champion with new parts, a cooler looking one with different gear. I've wanted one that looks a little more fluid-motioned, and this is what I've come up with.

This guys is made with a lot of spares and junk found in my bits-box. Here is a parts breakdown:

  • Legs-metal GW Chaos Sorcerer (staff and plasma pistol variant)
  • Torso-Anvil Industry Renaissance Torso
  • Left arm-GW Raptor with GW Dark Vengeance Lord Krannon's Plasma Pistol, Forge World MKIII shoulder pad 
  • Right Arm-Maxmini Bionic Arm, Necron Hyperphase Sword (reversed hand piece) tipped with a horn from a Chaos Terminator, Puppets War Sorcerer shoulder pad
  • Jump Pack-Maxmini Iron Pattern jump pack.
  • Head-forge World MKIII helmet with a Chaos Terminator horn

I feel that this pose screams "last samurai". He is ready to make a back-hand swipe with his power sword and has picked out his target. The helmet, once finished, reminded me of this piece of art of Argel Tal, a key character from The First Heretic. 

After completing this guy for my Raptors, I'm very tempted to get back to work on the additional squad members. Next up is likely to be an icon bearer. 

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  1. Really love how individual your models are. The choice of parts is always one the best parts of bringing life to minis for me :)