Thursday, 28 November 2013

WIP: Tzeentch Possessed

Today I’m resurrecting an old project from earlier on in the year: a squad of possessed. I only plan to focus on the first five guys for now, but I will start the rest of them at some point.

The models are based off some Warriors of Chaos Forsaken, with some Space Marine, Chaos Space, and Tzeentch Daemons parts thrown into the mix. The original kit is full of great parts, and is actually good value for making a big squad like I plan to.

I’ve decided to change my original plan for their paint scheme. I had first wanted to paint these guys in different colours, the colours of different loyalist chapters. But now, I want them to fit in with the rest of my army. O felt the original idea deviated too much and wouldn’t look right in my Thousand Sons army. Instead, I’m painting their armour predominantly blue, but with one section of armour being in the original colours (as shown with the Soul Drinker above). This way, the squad fits in with the army, yet each model still hints at its original loyalties.

The squad is part of a Tzeentch army, so I’m keeping to a Tzeentchy paint scheme. As well as the blue armour, the skin tones are part ‘human’ and part Pink Horror. I feel that this gives a bright daemonic tone without being overly silly. The Possessed champion (who might end up a former Sanguinary Guard) has an additional bright blue skin-tone on his arm, to perhaps suggest additional mutations or another daemon (a cheeky Blue Horror) sneaking its way into the host. This section was done with a bit of wet blending.

I’ll be working on the skin-tones, then moving on to the armour afterwards.

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