Tuesday, 17 December 2013

WIP: The Avenged Warband: Dreadnought

So it seems I'm going full-hog into this new war-band idea. Do not worry, I haven't abandoned my Thousand Sons. I've been working on some characters for my units which I plan to share at a later date, when I have some decent progress on them. But for now, most of my attention has been on the Avenged; my Night Lords splinter faction, themed on the albums of Avenged Sevenfold.

Today is the debut of the mute Dreadnought from my short story, Nightmare (I know they're called Helbrutes now...but It's still a Dreadnought). I managed to get this model, in a pretty pitiful state, for £5; at a sixth the price of the cheapest plastic dreadnought, it's bargain in anyone's books. But I had a lot of work to do. What I did first first was to break it down and remove the thick paint, green-stuff plugging all the joints, and excess flash that had just been painted over in an effort to hide it. The model spent the night in a jar of Fairy Power Spray.

Once the bits were rinsed and dried, assembly began, as did custom work. I wanted the Dreadnought to look more like a MkIV; the main ways I've done that is to change the hull and the feet. The hull plates were ground down, and got a layer of Milliput over the top, smoothed and sanded flat. I still plan to do a lot more, namely adding some trim, and sculpting some detailing similar to Forge World's Night Lord's Dreadnought. A few extra cables and a shoulder pad from the Grave Guard kit helps add some much needed detail.

As well as the hull armour, I've modernised the weaponry. The old-style plasma cannon has been replaced with a new one, leftover from a Storm Raven. I'm not sure what to do with the model's claw: I want to make a modern version, but this old-style weapon is growing on me a bit. Suggestions are very much welcome.

The original Dreadnought's feet looked terrible, and modernising them would do wonders for it. These monster-stompers are sculpted from scratch, and based on the MkIV's feet. I still need to sand them down and add details like pistons, and maybe a few claws growing out.

Next on the list is to work out how to update the power-plant, and add a back-banner from the Grave Guard kit.

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