Thursday, 19 December 2013

WIP: The Avenged Warband (Part Two): Mekidius, Dreadnought and Cultists

The wheels of progress turn at a steady pace, and the Gods dictate their champion to come forth.

Mekidius Sirak, the lord of the Avenged, is now fully built. All that was needed was an axe head. This one was taken from a two-handed axe from the Grave Guard kit, with an extra bit attached to the back of the axe (a spike from another axe).

The completed axe-head was then put in place of the Accursed Crossius' weapon head. The paint cheme I have in mind is black, with dark blue trim (to hint at their origins). If I dare, I'll be attempting some major freehand on the shield, possibly the cover of Nightmare, one of Avenged Sevenfold's best albums (well, they're all great).

The Dreadnought Nightmare (see what I did there?) is almost ready for an undercoat. Since last time, I've sculpted on a few details (bat wings on the torso, and an 'A7X' on the left shoulder. I've decided to keep the original power claw; not it's had the paint removed, there's something about it.

I've also added a small spacer and cables on the waist, to make the Dreadnought taller and more imposing.

As well as that there are these guys: who will count as cultists. They are based on the Grave Guard kit, with added guns. I felt that they were too armoured, so I've left the shoulder pads off the ones I have built so far.

I couldn't get the left arms to hold the guns normally, so instead I've cut down some lasguns, and fashioned the shield-holding hand/left hand weapon into some sort of forward grip. They're more akin to las-SMGs, but people should know what they stand in for and do look pretty good.

I went with Grave Guard because I want the Avenged Sevenfold theme to come though. First off, skeletons feature in a lot of the band's album covers. Secondly, the bat symbols everywhere add to the theme, and tie them in with the Night Lords, the Avenged's original faction. The third reason is this guy, who looks an almost spitting image of the skeleton king on Hail to the King, Avenged Sevenfold's latest album. I do plan to get this model for the unit champion. Expensive for a 4 point model? maybe, but it will look fantastic leading the unit.

My next task is to work out the colour scheme fully, then I can get cracking on with painting everything up. If anyone knows of a great tutorial for painting black, let me know on the Facebook page, or comment below.


  1. Man they look absolutely amazing! Good work!

  2. Very cool. Looking forward to see what they look like painted.