Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bolt Action: WIPs and Future Plans

The German army marches on relentlessly as I prepare it for tougher warfare.

Today I'll be sharing my plans for world domination...I mean for my bolt Action Germans.

Before going onto what I plan to do, I'll start with the addition I've already made. I've built myself this Pak 38 anti-tank gun, from Artizan Designs. I found it by chance in Sheffield. Warlord doesn’t currently make a 38 so this model appeared to be my only option.

I've added the crew and gun to a 60mm base leftover from one of my 40k projects. The few were all one piece models, so apart from a few mould-lines they turned out good. I blended the crews bases into the 60mm one with Milliput.

The gun however was a nightmare. The wheels were horribly miscast. What I thought was a lot of flash turned out to be missing sections of wheels. I fixed the missing sections with Milliput. The frame was also a pain, as the gun shield bent the wheels out, meaning I had to glue them further apart. I'm glad I only want the one gun, and I only had to make this once.

Now, onto my future plans. Thanks to the great value and reliability at Putrid Painting, I will soon be receiving a box set of German pioneers and a French Renault R35. My plans for the pioneers are simple: I'll make one or two units of pioneers, a unit of Heer infantry/veterans, and make some teams from the remnants, mainly an anti-tank rifle team, an mmg team and a Goliath tracked mine team.

The fate of the R35 is a little more complex. I intend to turn it into the Panzerjäger R35: a German variant of the normal Panzerjäger, which mounted a Czech 47mm anti-tank gun (similar to the pak 38) onto the chassis of the French R35 in a fixed superstructure, making a small mobile tank hunter. The mobility will be very handy, and its long range means I can keep its weak armour far from the enemy's own guns. In game it will be a true hunter, hiding in the trees and sniping tanks from cover, covering my forward units as they advance. It’s a nice addition to the arm, and has a low points cost, which means more points for other fun toys. I plan to make the model swappable, so if I wanted to I could use it as a regular looted R35.

(Panzerjäger R35 image from/property of Flickr)

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