Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: Evil Craft Miniatures 1/3: Legs and Torsos

The third party bits and model market is a busy and densely-packed environment. You can find parts and alternative models for just about anything and everything. In such a plentiful environment, newcomers need to have truly outstanding products in order to be noticed. Evil Craft, founded only in December last year, has managed this, and today, I'll be spreading the word of their products in the first of a three part series.

To kick off this trio of reviews, I will be looking at Evil Craft's Leg and Torso sets. These sets, like all on offer from Evil Craft, are perfect for Chaos space Marines and other evil-doing armies of the future. These parts are ideal for important models such as chosen or lords, though if you have deep pockets you could make a fantastic army from them.

First and foremost, the Legs. Each set from Evil Craft contains six pairs of legs, two sets of three designs, cast in resin. Leg sets currently retail at £10.01 (based on current prices and exchange rates). When I look at the legs I've been sent, I noticed that there were no imperfections at all. Nothing. Not even mould lines. I'm not sure what witchcraft was used, but the end result means that there was virtually no clean-up apart from removing the models from the sprue and giving them a wash in warm soapy water. 

The details are absolutely sublime. From crafted spiked trim to tiny claw and scratch marks, the details have been carefully designed. You only get three designs (for now) but they are generic enough to fit in with any Chaos Space Marine force. They share many design cues with 'new chaos' (curved organic designs seen in the Dark Vengeance and Raptors box sets). Whilst they share similarities with standard power armour, the details added are what make them unique. an early favourite of mine is the skull-knee pair, which come across as Zhufor-esque. They will more than likely make their way onto a new HQ choice. 

When it comes to posing, these legs stand taller than the commonly available plastic models for Chaos Space Marines. Mainly because there is no 'squatting syndrome' well-associated with GW Space Marine models. No, these legs stand taller, have motion, and give off arrogance known to radiate from the super-soldiers of the Dark Gods.

Importantly, the legs are compatible with GW kits, as shown with a standard Thousand Sons torso. A little trimming would be needed to get a perfect fit though, due to the detailed trim around the pelvis/groin armour.

Moving onto the torsos. Now, this is something I've not seen before. The sets, like the legs, come in sets of six (containing two copies of three designs), and cost the same. What sets these torsos apart from ones made by other companies, is that the belts are separate. This creates an extra level of customisation, as all belts are compatible with all torsos in the set. Yes, they are a little fiddly, but I really like the concept behind it, and it adds just a little more personality to models.  

The torsos are noticeably chunkier, having a taller collar, and wider, thicker and taller dimensions. This piece certainly gives off an aura of strength, and would be ideal for making your chaotic champions just a little bit more intimidating.

Having tested them on some plastic GW legs, I'd say that you'll need some greenstuff, and perhaps bulkier legs, to get the torso to fit nicely.

With the torso attached, it is clear that this model stands taller than other models of this type. Above, it is shown next to a GW marine. The collar is about level with the helmet on the GW model.

Whilst these sets are by no means cheap, what you pay for is the height of quality and design. It's very rare that I get excited about a kit, but assembling these bits into a warrior of the dark gods is just amazing, and I highly recommend these to anyone considering upgrading or starting a Chaos space Marine force.

Part two of this mini series will see me look at two more products, Evil Craft's head set and backpack set. I hope you enjoy, and if you haven't done so get, check out Evil Craft's website and Facebook page. 

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  1. All EC bits are slightly on the large side of things as they are thought over as a kind of "true scale" space warriors:)