Saturday, 22 February 2014

WIP: thousand Sons Rubric Golems (Obliterators): Part Two

The first in-progress rubric Golem is at a stage that I am happy to share with you all. Eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed it looming in the background of posts over the last week or two. Obviously it isn’t quite at a finished state, but it’s close enough for me to show you my intentions for the kit I’m basing them on.

First thing I did was to change the pose of the base Centurion model. The original was far too static, and I wanted at least a bit of motion for each one. I cut the left legs at the hip and turned it back slightly. To compensate for the leg movement, the front toe on the left foot was repositioned to give the impression of the construct taking a step. I raised the base with a piece of Baneblade to allow the foot to touch something and give the model support.

I trimmed out a small bit from the knee joint. The Centurion models as standard are pretty static, and a bigger joint gap suggests a greater field of motion. Also I saw someone else do it and I thought it was a neat trick.

Moving up, the torso is raised by about 3-4mm, to help loose the “tubby-nator” silhouette, and the groin plates went up with it. The imperial reliefs on the chest and shoulders were scraped off. On this model I chose to go with the Hurricane Bolters. They would make suitable slug weapons (Assault Cannon) on this creation, befitting their fluff. I may use energy weapons on the others. The head is from the raptor kit.

For the Power Fist I decided to cut off the fused fingers on the left hand, and replace them with two separated ones leftover from a Contemptor Dreadnought’s power fist. I thought that these looked far more movable, mechanical, and gave an image of strength. The Power Fist was completed with a blade taken from a Warp Talon’s Lightning Claw, and an under-slung Meltagun from the Centurion kit. I’ll use greenstuff to blend it in.

The main piece of kit on this model is the Rift Projector (i.e a ‘count-as-everything’ gun). I wanted a big scary rifle, so I combined two weapons systems (the siege drill casing and a Grav Cannon) into one bigger gun, with a hefty cable joining the two. Two crude blades, again from the Warp Talons kit, were added to either side of the gun to make it look a lot more menacing.

The gauntlet has been given studs made from nail art beads (£1, Poundworld, great buy!). The weapon does look a little unbalanced at the moment, so I intend to add a chain-link sling from the gun tip to the shoulder.

That’s the model as it stands now. Next, I plan to add more chaotic details (non-mutation) and start work on the other two. I’m not sure what details to add to the chest, so if you have any good suggestions, comment on Facebook or send me messages with your thoughts.

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