Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review: Evil Craft Miniatures 3/3: Shoulder Pads And Chaos Carbines

Many of you will have seen the duo of reviews I have done over the past month, showcasing the kits produced by newcomer Evil Craft. Today is the last part of that series. I do hope to do more reviews of Evil Craft items in the future, once more of their amazing ideas become physical products. Today, I’m reviewing the last two sets, their shoulder pad set and a set of ‘Chaos Rifles'.

The shoulders come in sets of ten, two of each design, retailing at the same price as all other sets (as of writing). The pads come in pairs; each pair has a “embellished pad” with an eight-pointed star, and a corresponding blank pad. The pairs each have their own style, and so are easy to match up.

The pads, like the other Evil Craft products, follow the designs of “new chaos”. There are a lot of intricate rounded edges. They are roughly the same size as normal GW shoulder pads (shown above) , and so should fit to your models with no issues.

Here, the pads have been added to some GW arms on this test model. The pads do not interfere with arm placement or the backpack and head.

Next, the Chaos Carbines, which come in packs of six with three different designs.  These are very intricately designed, with lots of trim which I imagine would be fun to paint. Like with other parts, they are more organic than their contemporary counterparts.  If I were to nit-pick, I’d point out that the casing exit port doesn’t line up with the barrel. But I’ve noticed that issue on some GW guns so perhaps it does not matter too much.

They are noticeably larger than your standard bolter, but they still fit with standard arms.

So that is it for now. Six sets of items, all of which are fantastic. I’m not sure I’d be able to afford a whole army made up of them (it would be nice) but these bits are fantastic additions to units of chosen, characters and HQ choices. 

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