Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Maxmini Mecha Egyptian Head

Helmets are a great way to change up your models. To signify special characters, or simply to add a bit of variety, you can’t really go wrong with a good old head-swap. Today, I’m looking at Maxmini’s Mecha Egyptian helmets. These helmets are ideal for 28mm super-soldier models with an Egyptian theme, such as pre or post-heresy Thousand Sons.

The helmets come in packs of ten, retailing at £5.99 in most cases. You get two sets of five designs as followed:

First up is this one, which has an Anubis-like appearance.

Here’s a horned helm.

This head comes in the set. It slightly reminds me of Zerg, the evil (and very purple) villain from Toy Story 2.

Next up is a death-mask style helmet, which would look great on a Thousand Sons hero.

Finally, is this variant. It is my favourite design of the set, and reminds me of Sutekh the Destroyer, a classic villain from Doctor Who. This head may see itself on my Spartan commander, who may or may not be called Sutekh now.

The designs share a few similarities with Maxmini’s Stygian shoulder pads, such as these symbols and triangular patterns.

As far as quality is concerned, there are no serious imperfections. An inspection reveals no air bubbles, and details are relatively crisp. As expected with anything resin, there is the odd bit of flash and a mould line here and there.

The helmets fit well on “space marine sized” models, with no need to build up the neckline.

They don’t quite fit Terminator torsos, but could with a bit of hacking and resculpting.

Overall, this is a nice set of heads for customising your units. Personally I’d save them for characters, specialist squads (like Chosen) and heroes if using them for Thousand Sons: they clash a bit with the standard Thousand Sons heads, but work well for characters, who are allowed to stand out a bit.

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