Saturday, 29 March 2014

Showcase: Bolt Action Panzerkampfwagen 35R 731 (f) (R35 Light Tank)

My Bolt Action Germans have received some armour support, in the form of this Renault R35 light tank, freshly looted from the French army.

The tank has been painted in standard early-war Dunkelgrau (Grey). I started with an airbrushed coat of Vallejo Model Air German Grey. After this dried, I added a highlighting layer made from a mix of German Grey and Model Colour Basalt Grey. A Nuln Oil wash went into the recesses.

The tracks and bare metal on the exhausts were painted in the same way as those on the B2: Vallejo Charred brown, with GW Troll Slayer Orange sponged over the top.

I've added a bit of weathering using GW's Typhus Corrosion technical paint. Considering this is the first use of it, I think it works fairly well as an effects paint. I used it around the running gear, near engine vents and around hatches. I also added some dust and sand coloured weathering powders on the lower half of the tank

The German symbols are from a Warlord Games Transfer sheet, from the Hanomag box set. A layer of gloss varnish was painted onto the area of the tank where they would go. After setting the transfer, this was coated in more gloss varnish, before the whole tank was coated in Matt spray to remove the shine.

This tank was fun to work on, and the next stage of it is to work on this additional magnetised section, so it can be used as the Panzerjager R35 light tank destroyer.

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