Saturday, 15 March 2014

WIP: Possessed Chaos Relic Predator (Picking Up The Project)

With a renewed sense of motivation, and plenty of success with updating the Spartan, I've now restarted work on another of my vehicles of chaos: the Relic Predator.

What's nice about where I left off is I don't have much else to do on it before it moves onto the painting stage. The majority of the building work is done, as is most of the magnetisation of the weapons systems. The final two exhausts have been added and now I can work on the detailing.

My main area of focus has been applying the trim. I've used my two favourite materials for this: plasticard strips and nail art beads. The trim has been applied to the edges of the Deimos style extra armour, with the beads making convincing rivets.

I've also made a few repairs to the hull of the tank. On occasion, when applying extra armour, I sometimes accidentally shave off a rivet or two. With my new beads, it is a very simple process to replace them. I decided to add a few extra ones to the tank to suggest an old and crudely repaired variant of Relic Predator.

I do plan to create the additional main guns for the tank in the future. I have a Heavy Conversion Beamer in-progress from last time, and have a good idea of how I can tackle the Magna Melta. The Executioner Plama Cannon will be a more interesting challenge. I have considered using two Plasma Cannons but I may try a different route.

Next to the towering vastness that is the Spartan is may not look like much, but the Relic Predator will be a valued support unit in my Thousand Sons force.

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