Sunday, 20 April 2014

Battle Report: Bolt Action Germans vs British (1250 pts)

The Germans have had a taste of battle against the British, and today shares an account of how it went.

My list was as follows:

HQ-2x 2nd Lieutenant with extra rifleman, (regulars)
Infntry-10x Heer infantry )SMG, LMG), 10x Heer infantry (LMG), 8x Pioneers (flamer, 6x SMG), 5x Pioneers (LMG)
Teams-MMG team (regular), Sniper team (regular), Pak 38 team (regular)
Tanks-Flammpanzer B2 (f) (regular), Panzerjager (regular)

The British forces were along the lines of:

HQ-2x 2nd Lieutenant, artillery observer
Troops-Many small units of British infantry and veterans all with an LMG, one SMG squad
Teams-6-pdr, medium mortar, sniper team
Tanks-Stuart, Chaffee, Sherman

Table and deployment

The table was a 6x4 with plenty of forests and fields. I got to choose sides, so I went for the one with a few buildings. The mission was Demolition, meaning we each had an objective which the other player had to reach.  I deployed defensively, with my panzerjager covering the objective, alongside a command unit, a 10-man Heer squad, the PAK 38 in the trees, and the snipers solely covering the other edge.

Turn One

Not much was killed here, since most of our units were hidden. My Panzerjager is shot at by the 6-pdr, but it misses, and return fire sees a 6-pdr crew member take a bullet. British snipers kill an MMG gunner, meaning the whole team disappeared (harsh). The British mortar attempted to hit the unit inside the houses, but misses.

Turn Two

More stuff arrives. The Pioneers and Heer arrive on the right-hand side, but without the officer, and the Sherman rolls up in the top left forest, near the 6-pdr.

The chaffee moves forward and sprays MMG shots into the buildings, causing no damage. The 6-pdr blows up the Panzerjager.

Turn Three

Turn three sees the enemy artillery spotter activate. The shots do not kill, but seriously pin the small Pioneers unit and adds a couple of pin markers to the Heer squad. The flamer-carrying pioneers arrive on the left flank, but because of the Sherman and 6-pdr, are forced to deploy far back in the forest in Their Hanomag. The Stuart and PAK 38 trade shots, both missing. Infantry fire manages to kill one PAK 38 member.

Turn Four

The Flammpanzer B2 arrives on the right flank. The flame-thrower was out of range, but the turret draws sight on the Chaffee. It tries to Reece out of the way, but that wasn't enough.

 A rear-armour shot sees the tank explode, but not before it spots my infantry. 

The pioneers vacate the Hanomag, and with combined flamer and SMG fire, wipes out a unit. The smaller pioneers unit attempts to rally, but fails massively and ends up running back towards my table edge. The Heer squad in the building takes hits from a mortar and the Sherman's HE shells.

The defending officer and aide jumps into the empty Hanomag, taking advantage of the MMG to add pin tokens to the veterans.

Turn Five

The defending Heer squad is finished off by the Sherman's HE shells. The Hanomag takes a hit from the Stuart and is immobilised. Still, the half-track manages to take down a few British infantry, as they attempt to get close to the objective.

The Flammpanzer moves up to incinerate the sniper team, and helps whittle down the large veteran unit, with the help of the pioneers, snipers and Heer infantry, down to one man, who defiantly runs in front of the B2. The Pak 38 uses a HE shot to take out a veteran.

Turn six

This turn sees little real action, as we realise the game will be a draw. The remaining veterans and pioneers continue to slug it out, exchanging a few casualties. The Flammpanzer rolls up and tries to take a shot at the Stuart, but misses. The Sherman proves to be a jammy sod by wiping out an entire Heer squad in one shot (I know, right?). a British officer moves up, but isn't close enough to destroy the objective. The game ends.


Overall it was a fun game, and very closely fought near the end. I've learned a bunch of new things, including the abilities to wipe out whole teams with one sniper shot, and the power of Sherman HE shells. 

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