Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tutorial: Making True-Scale Lasguns from Bolt Action Guns

Lasguns are the standard weapon of the Imperial Guard. Cheap, simple and easy to repair, they are the backbone of the firing lines. But to me, they seem a little…big. The standard plastic models for them depict them as larger than the Space Marine’s Bolter. Now we can’t be having that. For my revamped Vraks militia, I want rifles which are more representative of a human-sized Las-weapon.

Today, I’m sharing with you a little tutorial on making yourselves a more to-scale Lasgun, more suited to a human-sized model. This conversion is based on 28mm rifles from Warlord Games' range of models. For this, you will need:

  • A rifle from a Warlord Games Bolt Action kit. I’ve gone with a German Heer Infantry rifle leftover from my German army. but a rifle from any nation would work.
  • A pair of arms to hold the rifle, ideally from the same kit.
  • Plasticard rod, roughly 1mm in diameter.
  • Hobby knife, file and glue.

First, get your rifle. Cut off the tip of the gun barrel. I cut at the final ring on the main body of the gun. Keep the cutting; you will need it later on.

Next, cut a small section of plasticard rod. This should be flat at one end, and angled at the other. Use the file if you need to, make sure the flat end is at a 90 degrees angle, otherwise you'll end up with a wonky barrel. Attach this to the rifle.

Next, bring back that cutting from the rifle. Cut off the very tip of the rifle. This will form the end nozzle of the Lasgun. Glue it to the centre of the angle end of the rod. Add this to the angled plasticard end. And there you go, a simple, true-scale Lasgun. At this point you are free to add extra wires, ammo packs etc. Then attach the the model with the arms you've selected. For mine I’m staying simple, and just using the new muzzle. Fluff-wise, the power-core for this pattern of Lasgun slots into the top, like the ammo cartridge on a P90 SMG.


  1. Excellent and simple conversion work

  2. Those are really sharp, I hadn't thought to use the Heer rifles (have a bunch left over from zombies). I just did a test fit with the mantic dwarf rifle bits, and the muzzles are a really good fit on the beefier weapons from the Bolt Action German sprue. I dig the true scale weapon look, suitably light and classy in a future where everything is a box with a muzzle.