Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WIP: Possessed Relic Predator (Finished Build)

The Relic Predator is now fully built, and is ready for a few layers of paint.

My main tasks in it lately have been adding finishing touches. I’ve fully trimmed both sides of extra armour, and have closed up the last roof hatch with a panel. A few extra rivets were added, and now it is complete.
I also decided to add a few extra optional weapons to the tank, should I decide to swap out weapons for different games. The Magma Melta still needs making, but I plan to do that at a later point.

The Standard Flamestorm Cannon from the Baal Predator kit I based this tank on, with added Flamer arms to signify Daemonic Possession.

For the energy weapons (Heavy Conversion Beamer And Executioner Plasma Cannon) I needed a different ammo section, as the tanks on the back of the Predator turret are only suitable for flamer and melta weapons. I made this energy generator from a comms relay piece from the Imperial Bastion, with the antennas and masts cut off. With a bit of trim and a few select extras, this made an ideal generator for my energy weapons.

This Heavy Conversion Beamer is simply the one designed for the Contemptor Dreadnought. I took it off my Contemptor (since I now use Butcher Cannons), trimmed it down to fit, and added a magnet.

The last weapon I made was this Executioner Plasma Cannon. It was a very simple build: two Storm Raven Plasma Cannons glued side-by-side, with coils and canisters shaved off. I didn’t need to use a magnet for this, as it fits perfectly in the Predator’s gun mount.

Now that this build is done, it’s on to paint. It’s going to be my first airbrushed Thousand Sons tank, so wish me luck.

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