Tuesday, 8 April 2014

WIP: Triarch stalker=Defiler: Part One: Concept Art

It has been a bit quiet on the modelling front this week. With family visits, and university deadlines this week, I haven’t had a spare moment to actually work on anything. However, I did find an idle half-hour to put onto paper my plans for a new defiler model.

And here is my idea. Please excuse the roughness of it; it was a quick sketch with a blunt pencil. I plan to use the Necron Triarch Stalker has my base kit. I had considered combining it with the Heldrake, after seeing this model, but I feel that I could both save money, and be a bit different, by just using the Stalker.

My main idea to change the basic Necron outline is to up-armour the legs, using plates similar in design to the standard Defiler. They will be glued to the legs, rather than suspended above them like on the Defiler. I’ll cut a few curved lines into them so they complement the Stalker kit.

Weapons are a fairly simple solution. I will use the standard gun mount that comes on the Triarch Stalker, and in place of the Gauss Cannons, will either go a pair of Heavy Bolters or Lascannons, leftover from the Centurion kit.

The main battle cannon will be nestled in amongst the frontal sensors and lenses. I'm basing the design on the braced Battle Cannon from a Forge World Leman Russ turret. Depending on funds, I may actually use this gun, and use the turret for another purpose. For the other secondary armament, I am thinking of going for a Havoc Launcher, placed above the battle cannon in a specially designed mount. A Thousand Sons-like crest will crown the centre of the weapon.
What about the top then? For that I have a few ideas. I will be removing the throne on top of the walker, and replace it with engine components. I do plan to use the metal spine, but for a different purpose.

I want to have a chained up Space Marine hanging off it, a tortured plaything for the daemon controlling the Defiler. It is well-known that the Space Wolves are the Thousand Sons’ sworn enemies, so I am very tempted to make it a corpse of the Emperor’s lapdogs.

That is all for today, but keep an eye out for further updates on Facebook. I plan to have a look for the kit later this week, so look out for any progress I make.

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  1. Great to see someone starting out with a sketch. You don't happen to be going to art school are you? All those profs always yell at you to sketch everything first....:)