Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Blood and Skulls Industry 6x6 Wheel Kit-With Assembly Guide

Games Workshop's Taurox is a divisive Vehicle. Many like the weapon options and armoured-truck styling, but a lot are put off by the stumpy track units it has in place of wheels. They ruin the overall look, making it look very odd, standing out against other Astra Militarium units. One solution many have followed is to replace them with wheels, either from other kits, like the Ork Trukk, or third party upgrade packs.

Today, I’m having a look at one such pack, newly released from Blood and Skulls Industry. The set retails at £7.13 with current exchange rates, and comes with six ‘large wheels’ which Blood and Skulls has been selling for a while, but with added mounting brackets, two front single wheel mounts and two rear double wheel mounts, to allow easy fitting to the Taurox.

Apart from a noticeable mould-line running across the tyres, and a few air bubbles, they are well-cast, with crisp detailing. The tyres have detailed treads, with added armoured grips. The rims are nicely styled and utilitarian…you won’t see many Tauroxs packing 36” chrome spinners will you?

The brackets are surprisingly detailed, despite the fact it is a fairly hidden part. Still, it shows good craftsmanship.

To fit the brackets, you will need to trim the axles, removing these lips designed for the standard kit’s track units.

Once they’ve been trimmed and filed flat, you can easily add the brackets. The front single-wheels should be attached with the lip facing the top, and central to the axle.

The rear one is similar, but with the lip facing the bottom edge.

The tyres are next. These simply slot onto the modified axles. Make sure to line the up straight, there is a little bit of wobble until they set.

And there you have it, a wheeled Taurox. Replacing the tracks with wheels drastically changes the appearance of this vehicle. The back wheels do protrude from the back of the model, but in a future post, I’ll be showing you an extended bay, as well as other modifications, to transform this slightly ugly truck/tractor into a suitable workhorse for any imperial army. 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I think my favorite config is still the halftrack version. With front wheels and rear track. That helps resolve the rear jutting out issue as well.

    1. Half-track config is cool, but I have a very cunning plan for my track units...saw a conversion to turn them into Rapier gun batteries, so I might have a go at that :P

  2. I guess the truck is also doable as a halftrack... Its mainly the separate tracks that makes it look very strange

  3. Very good conversion, Taurox is still better off without these caterpillars to rear.
    The conversion is successful, now there is only painting.
    Good continuation

  4. It seems to be higher than the normal one.
    The gap betwen the tyres and the truck is too wide.