Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review: Spellcrow Plague Legion Bits Part 4/7 (arms)

Arms are an important part to most models, and many people don’t consider that you can do a lot for a model’s appearance with just a pair of arms. Today, in part four of my Spellcrow review mini-series, I’m looking at their set of Plague Legion arms.

For £6.50, you get two parts sprues, each coming with three pairs of arms: with left arms holding rusted knives, and right arms without weapons, just triggers, for use with rifles and pistols.

On each sprue, you also get a bonus head.

The arms are fully suited for Plague Marines and other Nurgle creations: the arms are heavily pitted, with scratch marks and corrosion sculpted onto them. The flared armour has a medieval look to it, so is great for making your models look like well-aged veterans of long-since-past wars. The knifes are in multiple poses, and whilst slightly on the chunky side, are well detailed.

The gun hands are fully compatible with Spellcrow’s own range of guns…

…As well as GW’s own weaponry. Make sure to trim off the handles before gluing.

The arms take the shoulder-pads of other ranges with no issues, which make the assembly of models much easier. The above example is an Evil Craft pad.

These parts have hands which are a bit larger than normal “marine” arms, and are perhaps closer to GW's older models, and arms/hands used by Forge World’s Tartaros armour. To demonstrate this, and the customising opportunities, I’ve make this plague champion, with storm bolter and plague-chainsword. The weapons (and gun hand) are Tartaros Terminator components. With a little bit of work, you can convert the knife hands to add other close combat weapons, or to create something unique like the weapon above, which reuses the knife handle.

All-in-all, they are a valuable set for anyone making plague marines, or those who just want neat corroded-looking arms, providing chunky hands do not put you off. Next time, I’ll be looking at some accompanying Shoulder pads.


  1. These bits are really cool. There is such detail sculpted in them, that they'll do most of your painting work for you as well. Wash and dry brush highlight would be so simple and look great!

  2. I'm considering going to Spellcrow for plague marine bits over Forgeworld. My only question is this: will the torsos fit well with GW chaos space marine arms to allkw me to model them holding bolters across their chests?