Saturday, 3 May 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part One

Denaris was struck across the back by the spiked club, throwing him to the ground. Blood seeped through his muddied, shredded tunic and his cracked breastplate. He was roughly turned around by gloved hands, and was sure he heard something crack; his ribs. The skull-faced enforcer stood on his chest, grinding his spiked boot into Denaris’ shattered ribs. 

He knew what was coming, even before this, even before attempting to flee the trenches and hide out the war. The Enforcers always find you and punish you, in front of your former comrades. What better way to ensure loyalty than to parade the beaten deserters in chains, with those ever-fearful skull-faced hounds striking you thought miles of trenches? The Enforcer clipped the club to his belt: a small reprise though. Soon after, the wide bore of a trench shotgun stared back through his cracked green lenses. 

This is the fate of all those who stray from Xaphan, saviour of Vraks….

I’m finally back to working on my Vraks army, and what a state it’s been in. Most of it is now gone, and what models remained were the dregs of my former army. Still, there’s a diamond amongst the mud, so I’ve been making the most of what I have, and have built a few models with the leftovers, and spare parts from the bits box.

The first to be shown are these bog-standard militia models. The bodies are from Forge World, with Empire Flagellant legs and Bolt Action German arms. For this army, I wanted guns which are more in-scale. All Lasguns in this army will be made using the ‘true-scale Lasgun’ tutorial I shared earlier this week.

The officers and unit leaders that have Laspistols equipped will have modified variants, make from Bolt Action MP40 SMGs (shown on the right).

I plan to keep most of my specialist weapons for leaders higher in the chain of command. This Enforcer has a shotgun (and torso) from the Forge World Enforcers kit, with a new trigger (as the old one had been lost to time). The other arm sports a spiked club, from the Flagellant’s kit. For the Enforcers I plan to use weapons suitable for ‘coercion’ and execution: shotguns, bolt pistols, clubs and whips are the current favourites.

This final model will be the leader of this rogue army. It is based on the Dark Vengeance starter set’s cultist champion. I’ve removed the shotgun arm, and used a Plasma Pistol arm from the Enforcer upgrade kit.

On his back is a rebreather canister, so the model fits in with the rest of the Vraks models. This was made using a Necron Deathmark’s gun, cut down and given additional vents and tubes from the bits box.

After these models are done, I plan to continue this force. Next in line will be the final models of the militia squad, and I’ll make a start on some Ogryn Beserkers; frightening masses of muscle, combat drugs, and a dash of psychosis.

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