Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Two

The Vraksians continue to prepare for war, and the handful of models I started a few weeks ago are closing in on being finished. Today, I’m sharing with you some in-progress pictures of my Vraksian Renegades, and some of the officers of the soon-to-be army.

The militiamen all share a common colour scheme: light browns with rust. The metal of their armour has been painted in rusty tones, using techniques for vehicles from Imperial Armour-Model Masterclass Volume One.

Their clothing has been painted using Vallejo English Uniform. To highlight and build up brighter layers, drops of Vallejo Iraqi Sand was added, with more being added to create the final highlights. The skin tones will use my standard colours, Bugman’s Glow, Dwarf Flesh, and Cadian Fleshtone.

For the commander, I wanted a paler, sickly skin-tone. For this, I used Palid Wych Flesh, with washes of Aggrax Earthshade and Reikland Fleshshade, and highlighting layers of Wych Flesh in-between the washes.

The black leather coat was painted using a technique from the old ‘Eavy Metal masterclass book, using mixes of black, Codex Grey and white. The trousers were painted using the same browns as the Vraksians, to tie the model
into the army.

Alongside the previously shown models, this Preacher model was added to the batch, and is painted in the same way as the Vraksians.

Once the models are done, it’s onto their bases. I’m changing the style on these, and plan to go for a muddy snow-base, much like this style. This will create a nice contrast to the models, and will be a good change from desert sands.

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