Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Three

The first batch of models is almost complete, and today, I'm sharing an update on them, and a draft of my army list designed for today's newly released 7th edition. .

I wanted to add a little colour to these otherwise drab models. The eye lenses have been painted with a green glow-effect, similar in appearance to cultists from THQ’s Space Marine video game.

To make a nice change from the usual bases, I’m going with a thawing snow styled base. The bases, after receiving a layer of sand, are painted in Rhinox Hide. After a dry brush of Steel Legion Drab, and with rocks picked out in grey, the base got patches of snow added. This was made using a mix of Citadel snow and Baking powder, to create a multi-tone effect. To finish them off, I plan to add some Army Painted winter grass.

Having made some good progress on the squads, I’ve come up with an initial army list I want to run for this army. Bear in mind that this army is based on the 4th/5th edition Vraks army list (which are due to be updated) mixed in with 6th edition Rapier batteries, a 7th edition army selector (with the assumption of being allowed to use a lord of war at 1000 points), and a smidge of guesswork:

Command Squad (exalted), plasma pistol, heavy stubber
(HQ advisors)
Enforcer, shotgun
Enforcer, shotgun, carapace armour
Enforcer, sniper rifle
10 disciples of xaphan, plasma gun
3 Ogryn Beserkers, Power Maul
20 Worker's Rabble, flamer, autopistols
10 Armoured Fists, lasguns and laspistol, heavy stubber.  Taurox, twin turret autocannons, heavy stubber
2x Rapier platforms with laser destroyers
Malcador Defender, heavy bolter sponsons

I wanted this army to have a rag-tag antiquated feel with inferior (but still powerful) weapons. My main troops unit is a block of Workers, whose main task is most likely to die to enemy fire and be a big distraction, or to cower on objectives. The enforcers are there to ensure squads (especially the workers) have a good leadership value: assuming random leadership stays with the update, these guys will be very useful. I went for characterful “enforcement” weapons, shotguns to kill traitors up close, and a sniper rifle to get long-distance deserters (in my mind). The armoured fist squad will run in a basic Taurox (assuming Vraksians get access to it). If not, then I’ll have to buy a Chimera, and I’ll convert the Taurox into something else; maybe a wheeled Trojan/Atlas variant?

 I’ve gone with Ogryns because they are a cool unit of drug-addled monsters which are iconic to the Vraksian forces. With the modern power weapon rules I went for a power maul on the unit leader: what’s not to like about a possible seven strength eight concussive attacks, plus the attacks from the other Ogryns? The rapier guns are there for anti-tank purposes, and are pretty neat-looking weapons with good accuracy thanks to twin-linked.  I’m of two minds on whether to run them as a unit of two, or two single units.

The Malcador is the main bruiser of the force. Whilst it is a super-heavy tank in a 1000 points force, and that might sound OP at first, remember that it is hardly the most powerful of the super-heavies; with its front armour of only 13 and  “normal tank” weaponry. To make it a bit fairer though it is the only tank in this list. Its role will be to charge forward, absorb incoming fire, and engage multiple targets; thinning down infantry squads for the Vraksians to mop up. The Demolisher Cannons is also a handy anti-tank gun should I need it.

I don’t expect this army to win all its games, but I do expect to have a lot of fun playing this list.


  1. Which list are you using, and from which Forgeworld book?

    1. Until an update comes (soon apparently, maybe Autumn) then I'm using Renegades and Heretics from IA:5, with the recent PDF download for the Rapier guns.