Saturday, 10 May 2014

WIP: Bits-Box Thousand Sons

The modeller’s bits box can hold many treasures. A well-aged and large collection of junk can in itself create whole armies. Today, I’m showing off a squad I have made using just spares from the bits-box and leftover parts from my many reviews.

This Thousand Sons squad was made from years of bits and gaming detritus. First off we have these basic Thousand Sons. They were made using Dark Vengeance Dark Angels as a basis.

These two models use the full Dark Vengance bodies…

Whilst these two just use the legs, with Thousand Sons torsos.

The squad uses a lot of spares from the reviews I have done over the years. On this squad you can see Kromlech shoulder pads, Forge World parts, and a few Evil Craft bits.

The sorcerer is the most extensive conversion. It has a Mecha Egyptian head, a gun-glaive from Maxmini, Evil Craft shoulder pads and backpack, the robes from a Thousand Sons Sorcerer, the torso of a Sanguinary Guard, and arms from my old Raptor Champion. Despite the mish-mash of components, it looks pretty good, and will look even better with some paint.

At this stage there are still a few changes I need to make: some of the basic sons need their shoulder filing flat and gaps filled. I hope to get them pained in the next few weeks. For now, that is all for today. If anything, I hope today’s post has encouraged you to see what you can make out of your spares mountains.

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