Saturday, 7 June 2014

Review: Terrakami Games Low-Cost Sci-fi Containers

Today, I’m taking my first steps into the world of wooden terrain. I’ve seen people make it, and clubs use it, but I’ve never given it a go myself. So for today’s instalment I’ll be looking at a set of sci-fi containers from Spanish terrain company Terrakami Games. This set is the Low-cost set, in size M.

This set comes with one laser-cut MDF sheet, with enough components to make two medium sized shipping containers suitable for 28mm games. They are intended for sci-fi games, but I think you could get away with using them in modern-warfare or near-future settings with the right paint scheme.

Each container comes with eight pieces; six sides and some internal panels to close off the vents. The instructions are basic, but when you’re working with only eight pieces, they don’t need to be anything else. They are clear, and the diagrams are sufficient for this set.

The sets claim that glue is optional, but I decided to use some simple PVA; whilst they do stay together with no glue, as a model maker it’s a compulsive reaction to glue it, just to be sure. It will take a while to fully set, but once dry it’s a surprisingly sturdy construction. I have no worries about it falling to pieces, and it can handle the standard picking up and moving.

Size-wise, they are actually a good size for their price. I was expecting them to be tiny, but they are easily big enough to hide infantry fully behind, and even some of the larger creatures in our games (e.g. Ogryns).

This set is a great, affordable terrain option for your table-tops. The designs are generic enough that they would fit in almost any environment, from the futuristic Infinity to the grim-dark world of 40k. The details are burnt into the wood, so that even a simple paint-job will still create nice looking results. A few layers of colour, maybe some sponged chipping, and you’ll have a nice pair of containers ready for the battlefield.

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