Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Review: Terrakami Games SF Cargo Boxes

Even the smallest pieces of terrain can make a difference on the table-top. Like their larger counterparts, small bits of terrain can add that little bit of detail to anybody’s game. Today, I’m looking at another Terrakami Games product, a set of SF Cargo Boxes (25mm).

This set retails at around £7.60 (on current exchange rates). For your money, you get one sheet of MDF parts, containing enough pieces to make 12 small square crates.

The process of making them is very simple, with each crate consisting of only 6 pieces. You could easily build the whole set in about an hour or two. Like the other product I looked at, even PVA is enough to glue these together. Much of the detail on these has been laser-burned into the wood, so most of the work is done for you. A few layers of colour will do wonders for these.

Each crate is a separate piece, but if you wish, you can glue a bunch together to form a larger piece. They stack perfectly, and could form hundreds of combinations of height, width and numbers used; you are limited only by your imagination.

Size-wise, they are perfect for 25-30mm games, with a single crate capable of providing suitable cover for normal-sized infantry. A long line of these would make for an effective barricade, whilst higher formations provide sight-blocking cover.

With this set you get an added bonus: a set of stencils cut into the sprue. They may only be basic shapes (moons, stars etc), but it’s a nice added touch, and a simple way of adding extra details to these crates.

Judging this product on its price and quality, Terrakami’s small crates take home a gold. They are great value for what you get, and these oddly cute little boxes are a must-have for anyone wanting to make a great looking, but cheap, war-gaming table.

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