Saturday, 14 June 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Five

The armoured wing of the Vraksian renegades is getting closer and closer to battle readiness.
This week I have been working on the vehicles of this army, mainly the Armoured Fist squad's Taurox and the Malcador heavy tank.

Having meticulously followed the guide for painting a Vrakian Medusa artillery piece in IA: Masterclass Volume One, I am very close to finishing this Taurox. In my opinion it is one of the best painted vehicles i have ever done.

 I'm really liking this jagged camo pattern from the book, and i think all my vehicles will follow a similar scheme. For larger vehicles I might paint some panels as rusting, or just with a factory red undercoat: like the tank has received replacement parts but no repainting work (much like Germany's tanks near the end of WW2).

After following the book's guide for weathering, I plan to add some weather-specific weathering, suited for a snow setting. This will include snowy build-ups in recesses and on the tyres.

The malcador is, slowly, coming along. It's been broken down to its base components ready for paint stripping.I plan to do something extreme for this tank; it will be magnetised as every single Malcador variant. For the defender and basic variants, a superstructure will be made that can be placed on top of the existing model. The simplest variant to make is the Valdor, the main gun of which can go in place of the inferno gun with little trouble. A pair of fuel barrels (from the Baneblade kit) will be magnetised for normal variants, that can be swapped with the infernus' trailer socket. As well as this, a pair of trench rails will be magnetised, so that i can use the tank with them, without them, and in the case of the Minotaur, swap them out for a gun shield.

Whilst this last item isn't strictly a vehicle, it is tracked, so i counting it as one. This Rapier platform was made using some track units leftover from the Taurox. They were made thinner, flipped and were given new overlapping tracks.  

That is all for now. This time next week I hope to have made more progress on the Rapier gun, and have finished the Taurox. 

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