Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Four

The armies of Vraks march to war. This war-band of renegades and heretics is slowly coming together, and I’m very close to having a minimum legal army list, with both my two troops and a HQ (plus a bunch of other fun toys).

The first Armoured Fist squad is built, and almost fully painted. The new additions to this squad are a further two renegades, plus two more who form a Heavy Stubber weapons team; yes there are more powerful weapons, but this screams “desperate renegades”.

This heavy weapon was made using an MG42 (with attached arm) leftover from my Hanomag. The barrel was extended using another German MMG, an MG34, and tipped with a piece of plastic rod. The handle held by the other team member is made from a German Heer’s grenade arm. In his other hand is an ammo box. Getting the two models to unify as one team, and getting the gunner’s arms to line up right, was a pain, but well worth it.

Squad members #9 and #10 are standard fare. One has been given an aiming Lasgun, whilst the other has some binoculars, also from the Heer infantry set.

The squad’s Taurox is, for all intents and purposes, fully built. It now sports further stowage, a detailed interior and a tailgate. I was planning to make a custom one, but after a random dry-fit, I liked the look of the original Taurox piece.

The main gun is magnetised, on the off-chance the Vraksians can access the Prime.

Two more Enforcers have also joined the ranks, ready to instil fear and loyalty in this rabble of traitors.

The Enforcer with a shotgun uses the weapon from the Cultist Champion from Dark Vengeance (leftover from the Champion conversion). His other arm has been positioned to take another shotgun shell from a leg holster. These legs are from a Space Marine Scout, and give the model some extra armour and height.
To help create the illusion of a better armour save, this model has a pair of shoulder pads taken from the Taurox Prime Commander.

Enforcer #2 has a big and scary looking Sniper Rifle. I wanted something big, and similar to the feared 50. Cal. The gun was make by adding a lengthened barrel to a Renegade Autogun. A scope was added to the top of the gun; a spare cut-off from one of the Taurox’s Autocannons

Now, this mound of putty on the left may not look like much, but this is to become a Ogryn Beserker, giving me a min-strength squad. I was planning to make it the unit champion, but the Forge World model is just too good; this one will now be a regular muscle-bound psychopath, which, depending on how this turns out, may or may not be replaced by a proper model: truth be told it’s more of an experiment in sculpting. I’m thinking of giving it either a sledge-hammer or rebar as an improvised weapon.

Having looked through the IA:5 options for this force, I’ve made a few plans for bringing this list up to 1500 points. I plan to add a platoon of basic renegades to bolster the ranks. To support the troops, I’m thinking of adding a leman russ, A Graia Hellhound or an artillery piece. Perhaps, if I have the patience, I’ll wait and use one of the ones shown recently, intended for a new 30k army: the Solar Auxilia. It does look very different from the standard Basilisk, but remember that Vraks’ citadel boasts a massive army full of mothballed tanks such as the ancient Malcador. Perhaps some of these pre-heresy variants were found there, who knows? I could also convert one if I find a cheap Leman Russ as a basis. As well as that, I may indulge the Alpha Legion fans out there and add a squad, led by Arkos of the Faithless. I’m still deciding if I want to go full-blown chaos, or have them disguised as Dark Angels (using their models) as described when they first appeared on Vraks.

But before any of that fun, I need to get my basics done. Next up, after the Armoured Fist squad is done, I’ll be working on the Workers Rabble, as well as the other four members of the command squad.

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