Saturday, 21 June 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Six

The massed traitors of Vraks are joined today by some new troopers, including gods amongst men: space marines. But not all is as it seems…

Troops choice number two, the Workers Rabble, is slowly underway. Even though it’s nowhere near minimum strength, I’ve made a start on painting these models. The models are close-combat cultists, with very little modification: the only changes I’ve made were giving bare headed models a gas mask, and adding re-breather canisters to their backs.

The rabble will be painted in the same style as the normal Renegades: revolving around Vallejo English Uniform and Leather Brown. They will have a much dirtier workman-like feel to them: they don’t have access to the better gear that other Vraksian squads have. I’ll also try to make them look a bit dirtier too, seeing as they are an expendable workforce in the eyes of the army’s leading cadre.

For my first 1000 points, I’ve decided to swap out the Disciples of Xaphan for a small unit of Alpha Legion. I feel that the accurate fire and 3+ save will be handy in this sea of renegades. The models are, for the most part, basesdon the Dark Vengeance set’s Dark Angels models, with some modification. I wanted to keep them mostly intact, representing a very early Vraks detachment of the Alpha Legion, with a very convincing disguise. The Left shoulder pads have been filed flat though, with some bearing parchments made from Greenstuff. A few Hydra and ‘A’ icons will be the only hints on these models that they serve a darker power. The squad will be painted like a standard Dark Angel tactical squad.

Only the Champion bares any true chaotic components, with a non-standard helmet design, a Chaos Raptor’s Power fist/claw and a backpack from one of the Dark Vengeance Chaos Chosen. The model's legs are from Anvil Industries.

Once the second troops choice is filled, and once the Malcador is rebuilt, I'll be able to give this army a proper in-game test. I hope to have enough models to finish this first 1000 pts after Wartorn UK in a week, and ready for a game soon after.

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