Tuesday, 10 June 2014

WIP: Daemonic Terminator Sorcerer

Before the great heresy in the 30th millennium, Akhenaten was one of several commanders within the elite Sekhmet; the Scarab Occult. A master of the Pyrae cult, he served with utmost loyalty to his superiors, most of all his primarch. During the fighting on Prospero, he witnessed the physical death of Magnus, an event which scarred his mind. Since those days and the subsequent banishment to the warp, Akhenaten became more wreckless with his powers, developing into a dangerous pyromaniac at the head of a group of Thousand Sons. 

During one battle against the hated Space Wolves of Jorgen Iron-fang on Ventris, Akhenaten gave himself over to the flames. Some argue that Akhenaten had made pacts with a venerated pack of daemons known as the Brotherhood of the Wreched Light, whilst some within the imperium theorise that it is a rare warp-anomaly. In either case, Akhenaten changed. His armour warped, becoming more barbaric, his Terminator helmet sprouted tusks and sharp daemonic teeth. The main difference was that his warp-fire became part of him: his lower body ignited and bore him into the air. The flames never fade or die, he is eternally alight, help up by his forever-burning body, akin to Tzeentch’s Flamers. Since his transformation he has taken the title of Akhenaten, Lord of the Changing Flames.  That day, Akhenaten found and killed Iron-fang, decapitating him with his large two handed pole-axe. His still-burning skull was chained to Akhenaten’s armour, as a reminded of this day.

Although not quite as powerful as the immortal Daemon princes, he is not far off such power, and is able to control all fire, be it natural, chemical or warp-flame. Flamers and melta-weapons cause no injury, and such weapons are often reflected back at their users. During fighting on Graia X Akhenaten transformed a squad of Devil-dog tank-hunters into a molten mass of plasteel.  The inquisition has listed him as severely dangerous, and assassins are constantly being sent to kill him. So far none have returned, but mysterious piles of ashes are left outside Inquisitorial quarters, with no explanation as to how they got there. For now, Akhenaten is still a major threat to the Imperium.  

I’ve finally found a use for the last K’daii fieborn model I’ve had sitting in the bits box for over a year. The (current) result is this; a Thousand Sons lord. This one differs from the others, was it will have a dual purpose.

Underneath the model I have added a magnet, and another underneath the base. As this is a mid-transformation lord, I thought it could be used as both a Terminator sorcerer and a Daemon Prince, when said lord achieves a Dark Apotheosis. I’ll get a 60mm for the full-transformation mode of this model.

I wanted to have a warped-terminator look for this model. I’ve used the torso leftover from the Dreadknight pilot, with a big gap at the bottom. This was to make the torso wider so it would fit onto the Kdaii’s lower body. The gaps were filled with Greenstuff, and are in the process of being smoothed over. The widened torso and angle creates the image of a powerful hunched figure. I’ve used a pair of hip plates from a Forsaken torso piece to aid in the blend of terminator and daemon.

Weapons wise, I plan to use this great weapon from a Tomb Kings Ushabti. It will be connected to the body with Terminator arms, which at the moment are only tacked on. For a more daemonic look, the arms will have shoulder pads from the Forsaken kit.

To complete this model’s daemonic appearance, I’ve used the daemonic helmet head from Lord Zhufor, with the Mark of Khorne removed. If I find one, I’ll add a gemstone in it’s place.

Once the torso is complete, I’ll be adding the arms, and any other final components

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