Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Review: Raging Heroes Skaarlys

Today’s review sees one of Raging Heroes’ many character models go under this wargamer’s microscope. Skaarlys, a sci-fi version of Raging Heroes’ Skaryaa the Blood Mistress, is a great alternative model for Dark elder players, perhaps as a Succubus or Lady Malys With some work it could also make its way into some Chaos warbirds of a Slaaneshi inclination.

Skaarlys currently retails at around £10.30 with current exchange rates. The model is cast in white metal, and comes with four arms, left handed sword and whip arms, and right handed fan and pistol arms. Even though it is intended to be a sci-fi model, it could still find a place in a fantasy setting if you avoid using the gun arm.

It’s a good thing this model is cast in metal. If it was cast in resin or plastic, with such thin parts, it would more than likely snap or bend with little effort.

 The arms are really small, easily dwarfed by more common 28mm parts, such as the Space Marine and Imperial Guard arms shown above. However, it does showcase the alien physique of the Eldar, who are described as tall and thin. You could argue that it is a “true-scale” Eldar model.

Skaarlys is a very dainty and tall model. It is fairly tasteful in terms of sculpting (not as much in dress code), with “realistic” proportions when compared to other, more “emphasised” female ranges. I prefer this over the more sexualised and emphasised look some ranges make use of. The flowing hair with barbs threaded into it is a great part of the model, as are the hexagonal draping fabrics and boots, which help the sci-fi look.

The quality of the cast is really good, and the model fits together with no issues. Seeing as the parts are so small, they are light, so the main issue with metal parts (too heavy) is non-existant  The only significant mould line was on skaarlys’ whip, but this can easily be removed. I feel that the metal gates are really big, but this is most likely because the model is so thin, making the gates look huge. I suspect this is a necessary evil, as it might be impossible to make them any smaller in the casting process

Skaarlys is a great model that is both well sculpted and well-cast. For your money, it is hard to find a better alternative model for your bands of sadistic space Elves or hedonistic cultists.

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