Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review: Terrakami Games 'cubEST M' Crate

Having being whetted by Terrakami’s great value containers, I wanted to check out more of their range. Today, I’m having a look at some more large containers; this time, their ‘cubEST-M’ variety.

Retailing at 5.50 Euros for one (about £.4.35 in Queen’s money) they are more expensive per crate than the value variety. They are more suited to a science fiction environment than the value ones too, with emphasised space-age designs.

This container kit is significantly more complex than the budget variety I reviewed previously. It comes with a lot more parts, and requires more skill (and a set of clamps) when it comes to putting it together. I think I would have gone full-berserker-mode without them, as the sides tended to pop out whilst drying before I decided to break out the G-clamps. fortunately, the instructions are very clear and helpful.

But with increased complexity comes increased detail. These containers are much more intricate than the budget version, and have a more interesting 3-D shape. Their reinforced look makes them ideal for representing military hardware, an armoured shipment, or something more hazardous that needs to be kept locked up tight.

Like Terrakami’s other MDF products, the designs have been cut/burned into the wood, making most of the hard work already done for you. Even the simplest of paint jobs will pop on these terrain pieces.

The designs are very intricate and precise too. This electronic keypad on the door’s lock is a nice touch that is well executed.

The container is the same size as other Terrakami large containers. Despite the extra layers and frames, it shares the same dimensions, and stacks well with other styles of container.

Overall, this kit is a nice ‘next step’ from the value series. It is more intricate and more expensive, but certainly more detailed and a joy to build. Suitable for almost any sci-fi battlefield, they are a fantastic addition to the wide variety of tabletop games and RPGs out there.

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