Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Review: Warlord Games Blitzkrieg German HQ

Any self-respecting army with an urge to maintain order needs a strong command structure or a charismatic and intelligent leader who knows his Heer from his Panzer. Today, I’m cracking open Warlord Games’ early war German Blitzkrieg command team (1939-42). Whilst it is entirely possible to make a HQ from the standard plastic sets, sometimes it’s nice to get something special to lead your army.

This blister pack retails for £5, and comes with 4 models: a commanding officer, a medic, a forward observer, and a goon with SMG. The heads are separate to allow customisation. One thing I’ve noticed about WWII miniature gaming is that your command units tend to be far cheaper. A single 40k, Warmachine or other fantasy/sci-fi character can cost in the region of £9-£20 for a single model, so at first glance four models for a fiver is a bargain. In fact, when you factor in the units this makes, you are essentially getting three HQ choices.

The problem that you find upon opening the blister is that there are no bases. You’ll either have to buy some separately, scrounge around, or use 2p coins (Dimes in the US?). Whilst an easy fix, it is a bit silly for them not to come with any. Warlord, if you are reading this….can we have a few bases in blisters, please?

Anyway, back to the models. The four models are cast up in metal, and are well detailed. The only significant mould-lines were on the officer, but in easy to clean areas like the sleeves on his coat.

For the sake of completeness, here’s a couple of the models on some 25mm bases (please Warlord, just a few). There is an obvious lip on the model where it attached to the base, but this can be blended into the base with putty and coated in sand or grass. make sure the bottom is flat, as there can be a few large lumps that need filing down.

These models will stand taller than the plastics, but only marginally. Anyway, it helps pick out your important models.

This set is a great addition to any German 28mm armies. For the price of a few drinks you can buy yourself three leading and supportive units. For that price, It’s a hard offer to match.

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