Saturday, 12 July 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Seven

The idiotic beast just stared back at me though green tinted lenses, dumbfounded at what I demanded. I wasn’t sure if it was all the chems running through its body or its natural stupidity, but in either case, I had to make it more obvious. I pointed at an enemy Sentinel that was pouring las-beams into the trenches. “Smash that”, I yelled through my skull-faced helmet. The words seemed to strike through the Ogryn’s thick skull, and it grunted loudly, barrelling at the light walker.

The Sentinel scout walker turned on the spot, firing its Multilaser at full strength. Some bolts stuck the Ogryn, but did little to slow it despite the sprays of blood that followed. It slammed into the light frame of the walker, buckling one of its mechanical legs. The sentinel toppled as the weight of the Ogryn smashed down on it, the machine hitting the ground with a heavy thud. The pilot scrambled to release his safety harness amidst the dust, but was too slow. 

 The Ogryn hit the tubular frame with its combat weapon; a creation little more than an engine block welded to a heavy duty chain attached to an iron bar. The heavy block smashed the frame, trapping the pilot and consigning him to a gristly fate. Another swing crushed the pilot into an unrecognisable paste. Hit after hit was made, long after the machine and pilot were incapacitated. 

Leave it be, I thought. It’s impossible to reason with them at the best of times, let alone when they’re pumped full of combat stims. It will either die or find another target, I don’t really care…

With the addition of a few new sets, I now have enough Ogryn Berserkers to form a full-sized squad of five.
Three of the new unit members are based on the new Ogryn/Bullgryn boxed set, which I got discounted at Wartorn UK.

They have been heavily modified to fit in with the Forgeworld Ogryn I have had for a while. Gasmasks have been sculpted, making use of the kit’s gasmasked heads as a basis, and a port for cables to be added. I used canisters from the kit and GF-9 cable to make makeshift Ogryn-sized rebreathers and stim injectors. A variety of straps, hoses and cables connect the canisters to the Ogryn’s body.

Each model has been given a unique close combat weapon. I wanted the models to be individual, and weaponry is a great way to show that.

This first model I built has a large hammer and a wrist blade. The hammer comes from the Corruptors of the Apocalypse set, whilst the wrist blade was carved from plasticard, with a greenstuff strap.

Ogryn number two has a wrist blade and a length of chain. The wrist blade on the model is similar to the first, but with added rivets taken from a piece leftover from the bastion.

Number three is one of my favourites. This model wields a lump of metal on the end of a chained pipe. The metal block was made with a few pieces from the Ogryn set, attached to Bragg the Gutsman’s great weapon.

Speaking of Bragg, guess who’s got the special weapon? This guy. The model is based on Bragg the Gutsman, with a bullgryn’s Power Maul. I went with the maul to give me some serious anti-tank capabilities. With up to seven strength eight attacks, all but the toughest armour will fear this guy. To make it look more 40k, I added some Ogryn shoulder pads, plenty of cables, and a rebreather canister.

These models will be painted in a similar fashion to the Forgeworld model. I may painted Bragg separately, so it is easily identifiable as the model with a Power Weapon. I’ll be mixing and matching techniques from Warhammer:Visions (Ogryn issue) and Eavy Metal Masterclass. By the end of the month you can expect to see a finished squad.

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