Saturday, 26 July 2014

WIP: Sharpshooter Sorcerer of Tzeentch

Boredom and a bountiful bits box can produce a wide myriad of models. With a need to make something, anything, I delved to the deepest depths and found the parts to make myself another sorcerer. However, I wanted to make something different, a more ‘shooty’ sorcerer, with a big gun instead of the usual staff or sword. And this is the result.

The model is armed with a Combi-Plasma gun and a ‘force bayonet’ which counts as the model’s power sword. It is based on one of the old metal Master's of the Chapter from the original Apocalypse release.

This conversion was substantial, as I decided to cut away the front of the torso from the Master of the Chapter model and add a different part (a Thousand Sons chest piece). As this model was metal, I spend a while cutting through it. I love metal conversions, but I hate the labour intensity sometimes. The cuts and joins were filled and covered with Greenstuff.

You will notice that this model shares a lot of features with my Thousand Sons’ chief sorcerer, Imoda. Both models share the same helmet, and both have flowing robes and icons of Tzeentch. I’ve come up with a short piece of background to explain that there are more than just visual similarities…

After defeating the Imperial Fists and Krieg 354th Siege regiments on the planet Krysis, Imoda raised the banners of the Thousand Sons high atop a mountain of fallen foes. But the celebrations were short-lived, as Khotep was taken from the battlefield in a cloud of multi-coloured fog. His subordinates and fellow sorcerers were left confused and angered that their leader had been taken from them. 

But he was taken to be rewarded. Tzeentch, god of magic and plotting, had transported Imoda to the space hulk the Carrion’s Husk, and appeared to him as the same multi-coloured formation.  Lord Tzeentch had thought fit to grant him a daemonic gift. Knowing that the original Thousand Sons were for the most part immune to his ‘gifts’, Lord Tzeentch granted a daemonic gift like no other. The cloud sprouted arms, which grasped the lord-sorcerer and tried to tear him in two, Imoda’s body erupted in light. The ball of light split and each was thrown to one side of the room. But rather than be shredded in half by the daemon god, Imoda stood up to find himself staring at another Space Marine: himself for that matter. A near-perfect copy stared back at him. Both moved with perfectly mirrored gestures.

“I have seen fit to grant you this gift. This doppelganger is you, but is also your opposite. Find him to be your friend, or your enemy, in time”. Tzeentch then took both versions of Imoda in his elongated fingers, and flashed them back to Krysis, cackling in the background at his latest exploit. 

The bemused Thousand Sons could not identify their lord at first when they returned to realspace, but his trademark weapons were one of the few items not to be copied onto the doppelganger. After explaining Tzeentch’s will, the war host knelt down to their leader and his warp-grown twin. To avoid confusion, the duplicate was given the name Amenhotep, though many call him the Dark Twin of Tzeentch. 

The model makes use of a pair of Puppets War shoulder pads, to tie the model into the Thousand Sons.

The Combi-Plasma is the main focus of the model. It was make using the muzzle of a Raptor’s Plasma Gun, a Bolter from Evil Craft, and an Ogryn’s Bayonet.

 I see this model more as a sharpshooter, and will for the most part make use of Psychic powers that improve accuracy of himself and his squad, who I have already formulated plans for.

That is all for today, but stay tuned into the Facebook page for further updates.

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