Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review: Bloodfeud Slug-Hounds And Handler

Slugs are weird. Giant slugs are weird and scary. Today. I’m looking at Gemini Miniature’s Slug-hound pack, from the Arghulas Republic.

This set retails for £9.90, and for that, you get one slug handler, and three monster-molluscs. They arrive with 25mm circular round-lipped bases.

There is very little assembly needed with this set. The beast-master is a three-part model (excluding base) as are the slugs. The metal also appears to be of a better quality than last time. Having said that, there is still a bit of prep work needed on these.

The handler’s arms have very long pegs on them, which will need to be trimmed down. As well as this, there are the standard mould-lines which will need clearing up.

The slugs don’t have the same issues as the hander, as the sucker part simple attaches to the flat zone where the face is.

The detailing on these models is simple, but well executed. As with the last Bloodfeud model, there are no real “identifying features” , giving these models a generic multi-use appeal to games and role-players.

The slugs are a little small to be used as larger monsters such as Spawn, but would have a variety of other uses in different games: pets or familiars for sorcerers, random-encounter monsters, alien “attack dogs” and so on. There really is quite a bit of potential for these models.

The handler could also double-up as some sort of marked executioner or dark magician, given some work.

All-in-all, this set has a lot to offer to the right people. Whilst simple in execution, the potential for these models is huge.

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