Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Review: Gemini Miniatures' Colonel Reuel Dagobert

The nobility of our games can play important roles both in-game and in the deep-running background stories. Be they victims needing a saviour or power-mad tyrants, models of nobility can add extra depth to games. Today, I’m looking at one of Gemini Miniatures’ models, Colonel Reuel Dagobert, from their Bloodfeud game.

The model costs £2.20, and comes as a one-piece model with a round-lipped base. It is very cheap for a character, and would make a nice low-cost alternative to other nobles from other ranges. The quality is alright for a model of this price: there is a mould-line across the head which might be a pain to remove, and the metal used is a bit rough in texture. But all-in-all, there are no serious quality faults.

The model has a large build, and his pompous pose makes him an ideal model for a wealthy noble or starship captain for RPG settings. Its largeness can be a downside though. The size different is really noticeable when compared to other 28mm humans. I’d say this model is closer to 30mm heroic than it is 28mm.

The style features are quite universal, meaning the model would fit in well in any setting, be it high fantasy or science fiction.

Dagobert’s details are well done, if simplistic. The detailing is quite chunky, but a lot of the model can be built upon with extra details and a good paint scheme. A bionic eye and some power cables/boxes would make him a very convincing sci-fi captain or planetary governor.

The model has its charms and its low cost makes it an affordable viable alternative model to others out there. I would recommend it for larger games than 28mm (or for RPG characters where scale isn’t an issue), but it is passable at this scale. If you want something that screams ‘pompous know-it-all noble’ then this model is for you.

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