Saturday, 6 September 2014

WIP: Bolt Action KV-2 and Fahrgestell Bren(e)

Captured vehicles were fairly commonplace in the German army of World War Two. Whilst their own armour was sufficient and often superior, there seemed to be no harm in cherry-picking tanks from defeated armies. My Germans have been supported with the addition of some seriously heavy armour and a nimble scout vehicle, from the Soviet and British armies respectfully.

The KV-2. Once the house-turreted monster of the Soviet forces, now converted and used by the German war-machine.

This KV-2 kit from Warlord Games is a great kit, and once you put it next to another tank (such as this Panzer IV), you begin to realise just why the Germans struggled in their first encounters of this behemoth. Its turret is the size of a small tank, and it houses a fearsome Heavy Howitzer. If that wasn’t enough, it also has three MMGs. Oh I’m going to have fun with this…

The tank didn’t need much work to be made into a German tank. The crew member was replaced with one from the early war tank crew set from Warlord Games. Some stowage, from the German Vehicle stowage set, was scattered around the tank. And that is pretty much that. Most of the work comes with the paint scheme, and I’ll enjoy painting this iconic heavy tank.

As mentioned two paragraphs ago, the turret is the size of a small vehicle. And speaking of small vehicles, here’s my second addition to my Bolt Action army. This Universal Carrier (which I reviewed a few weeks back) has been modified into the Fahrgestell Bren (e), and will be run as a 250/1 scout half-track. Both units are light vehicles with the same armament, a light anti-tank gun, and this makes for a nice alternative model.  I’m only showing you this one picture, as I have plans to make a special post regarding this rarity.

Both these models will be painted in standard German Grey, hopefully within the next few weeks. If all goes well, they may see their first battles next week. 

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