Saturday, 15 November 2014

WIP: Close Combat Contemptor (Part Two)

This month has been good for getting stuff done. Today I have a lot of new progress to show with the Contemptor Dreadnought.

The Contemptor has been given a unique colour scheme, something greatly different from the usual blue scheme. This blue/yellow halved scheme was inspired by another Thousand Sons dreadnought, seen in the preview images for Imperial Armour 13: Warmachines of the Lost and Damned. The yellow was applied with the airbrush for a smooth shaded tone.

Having done the main colours and made a start on the trim, I've started working on some icons and freehand designs. Seeing as the colour scheme is new, I thought I'd have a go at a few new designs. The main one is this 'infinity' variation of the Thousand Son's symbol.

As I add more to this model, it is slowly building up a story to go with it. I imagine its occupant being a powerful sorcerer, despite internment into a metal shell.

The crushed necron warrior has also received a lick of paint. It is being painted in the same scheme as my girlfriend's necrons, because, you know, fun rivalries and all that. The soul burner in the other hand has yet to be painted, but I plan to paint it in aqua/faded greens to achieve ghostly colours.

That is all for this week, but here is a little surprise for you all. Here is a sneak peak at my next big project. The fallen lord emerges from his towers of silver after millennia of contemplating the ever changing strands of the warp.

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