Monday, 15 December 2014

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Ten

I’m back from my vacation, and less than a week into my return to the real world, I’m back hard at work on my Vraksians. Today, I’m sharing the progress I’ve make in creating my essential troops choices: a platoon of renegades, some Veteran Grenadiers with their powerful Hotshot Lasguns, and a small horde of Mutants to throw by the dozen into the jaws of the enemy.

Before my holiday, I made a start on the second squad of three which will make up my platoon. Since Armoured fist squads do not exist any more (and because I want my regular goons to look different to my actual veterans) I’ve downgraded the first squad to part of a platoon. This meant that I need at least 20 more soldiers for the other two squads. Fortunately I had some old cultists, made from the same Empire Flagellants kit, that could cut up. I've also re-purposed my old priest model, which has no rules in the new list. It is now a standard bearer for the unit, allowing me re-rolls to leadership tests. With random leadership due to the Uncertain Worth rule, I'm going to need it.

They all use the same Bolt Action German arms as the first unit, and will be modified to look more like lasguns.

This model has a unique Grenade Launcher, which was made from a chopped down Assault Cannon and an SMG.

I did face a big problem though: I’ve run out of FW torsos. I could either buy more, or save money and make my own: so using the thinnest plasticard I could find, I have each body a plate metal armoured vest. The iconic rebreather tanks have been replicated with Bolt Action gasmask canisters.

Next up: the Grenadiers. This is only a small squad at the moment, but I plan to add more models, including a Hotshot Volley-gunner. The models are based on Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers.
The unit champion has the torso of an enforcer, and a unique power weapon, a cool part from Zealot Miniatures I plan to review soon.

Last of the troops is this Mutant horde. They are based on the Ork kit, with a sprinkling of Forsaken, Pink Horror and Flaggelant kits. Ork shootas make for suitable Shotguns, and the scattering of armour plates is ideal for representing sub-flak armour. I wanted a brutish, misshapen look to them so many members of the squad have growths, odd arms and tiny human heads.

I am particularly proud of the Mutant Leader. I’ve recently bought Borderlands (late to the party, I know), and this model is based on the Badass Psycho Mutant, with giant clubbing arm and a shrunken useless arm, holding an autopistol. The Ork bomb on the back represents crude melta bombs used by the mutants.

The last models for today are a pair of Chaos Hounds, for the Ogryn squad. I was going to buy some Fenrisan Wolves, but for 50p more I could double my doggies. They are straight from the box with no modifications, barring 40mm round bases.

Once the troops are done, I’ll be focusing on some of the more fun units, such as the Arvus Lander, which I am very tempted to scratch-build, and the Minotaur, as I have a plan to make an enclosed variant from my unused Malcador.


  1. Great conversions Matt. I love the character of your army. Mixing and matching the various army kits has made them really unique!

  2. Hello, your pics aren't showing up just FYI. Great blog though, hail Chaos!