Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review: Zealot Miniatures Sci-Fi Claws

Today’s review takes me to a new range of products: offered by Zealot Miniatures, a company that trades in models and conversion parts for both fantasy and Science Fiction settings. Today I’m having a look at their Sci-Fi Claws.

A standard set comes with three pairs of claws (two long-bladed, one short) and retails at £3.99. The claws are cast in a grey resin, and to a good standard. The sets are designed for 30mm models, but will easily suit 28mm and 32mm

The quality of the product is for the most part OK. The detailing, what there is of it, is very crisp and clear, with no warping on any claw. There are a few noticeable air bubbles though, but none that can’t be easily fixed. The resin also has a slightly rougher texture than I’m used to.

The resin used for these weapons are extremely brittle and easy to snap. Of the sample set I received, all of the long-bladed sets were broken. Now that could be down to the haphazard postal service, but I have never had issues with broken resin before. Whilst it is probably down to the design (the blades are very, very thin), breakable parts are an issue regardless. When you consider that the postal service is about as delicate as a sledgehammer to the unmentionables, there is a slim chance all of these claws would survive a typical postal journey. Still, even if yours are broken, they do look pretty good as short claws. Better, in fact, if you are adding them to human models. I imagine that the full-sized claws look out of place on 28mm humans.

To use these weapons you will need to cut out a chunk of arm about the same length as the wrist-blade strap/powered section, to avoid overly long arms. This involves much more modelling than say a sword or gun, but the results are worth it.

These weapons are perfect for representing primitive Lightning Claws or other low-tech power weapons. The exposed cables and simple chunky designs are perfect for outcasts and renegades without the access to higher or refined technology, or just as an ancient ancestor to existing weapons. Here I’ve used a couple of claws on a Veteran and a Dark Magos. On both models the weapon is well-suited, giving each model a unique take on a gaming classic.

In short, these weapons are good. Not great, but pretty good nonetheless. For those looking for something different for their power weapons at a competitive price, look no further. If you see past their delicateness, you can have a lot of fun with these.  Expect to have a lot of shortened claws.


  1. Hey man, are these Zealot Miniatures legit? They have parts from a lot of different company's, chapterhouse, maximini, scibor, kabuki, anvil industry and quite a few smaller eBay companies.

    They seem to just lump them all together. Do they whole sale or something? It smells funny.

    1. As far as I know they're a legit business. I see what you mean about the product lumping. It could simply be down to wanting a wider customer base. ZM is quite small-scale when compared to the likes of Anvil or Maxmini, and so might offer these as a way to bring in others. Some might say they're recasts using ZM resin, but I wouldnt be able to comment, as I've only received a few ZM-specific sets. I'd never heard of them until I'd seen some guitar parts after a specialised search. I have no reasons to doubt them, but I can see where youre coming from. -PAM

  2. Thanks for this review. This type of resin reminds me of some of my "ebay" purchases in terms of your brittle description. They definitely give a unique look to the models though!