Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rise of Xaphan: Vraks Army Redo Part Eleven

For my vraks army, I wanted a key centrepiece model that would be the main power of my army. From the start it was going to be a malcador. "But which one?" I asked myself. Today I have an answer: all of them.

I have begin making what could possibly be the first fully modular Malcador chassis. I plan to make the three key variants available in the Renegades And Heretics list from IA:13 : the Defender (heavy bolters), plain (battle cannon) and the Minotaur (twin Earthshakers). I may built a Valdor section later on, but I won't be making the lascannon or infernus versions, as this army van no longer take them as options (unless you play apoc I guess)

The first task was blocking off the shared structure. The infernus that I am basing my work only has half the usual superstructure to allow the inferno cannon to fit. This needed rebuilding to bring it in mind with my variants. Using plasticard I followed the lines of the resin body, to create a mirrored section. This was then another out with putty to create a flat surface. The trim was also replaced with plastic strips.

To make the top sections modular, I made a raised peg on top of the tank. The idea is to have the weapons systems simple rest on top of the tank. The raised bit will ensure the turret or structure stays on the tank and aligned.

I've made a start on the first variant, which features a battle cannon in the fixed turret. I've tried following the lines of the official model but the unique shape of the hull is helping give off a cool and different design. It will end up being slightly taller due to the hull height, but I don't think the vraksians will care too much. The battle cannon is currently just two plastic tubes,and will receive more detail later.

The next items on the agenda will be the alternative secondary guns (mainly autocanons) and the frontal gun mount. Once they're done I will proceed onto the next main weapon, the twin Earthshakers).


  1. Fantastic work, man! Really digging how that's coming together - looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Nice idea and very well executed.