Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Showcase: Renegade Command Squad

The command structure of a Renegade army is pretty flimsy: whoever has the most charisma, blessings from the gods, or is the most ruthless, leads the way into battle. And those around the chosen one are often honoured with better gear and more respect: they have been chosen to protect the champion of the Gods.

Today, I’m sharing my finished Renegade command Squad, who will accompany my army leader (which will vary depending on chosen doctrines) in my battles. This unit was made for only £6, and was an experiment to see how much potential such a basic clip-together box set had. The results speak for themselves.

I wanted to keep the general theme of the army lots of dirty browns, greens and greys, an uneven mix of civilian clothing and military. So whilst each model has a different appearance, they all share a common colour pallet.

For the plasma weapon, I went for a green glow, rather than the yellow or blue glows I have done in the past. For me, this colour better compliments the army, and matches their eye lenses, allowing for a coherent looking model.

The banner bearer carries a defaced Imperial banner. This was done by painting the banner as if it were an Imperial one. I added a winged skull in the centre, with honour markings below. Then the blood came out. The chaos star was intentionally painted to look crude, as though the new owner of the banner coated it in the blood of the previous owner. The blood was made up of Tamiya Clear Red, and Vallejo Black, to a ratio of about 3:1.

Now that is squad is done, I will be moving on to the next unit: either some of my basic goons, or one of the two armoured vehicles that need some love and attention. Plus I still have my top-secret project to work on. More details on that soon. P.S. Can you spot it in today's post?


  1. These guys are great Matt. The green for their mask lenses is great. It really pops out and makes them look extra creepy!

  2. Nice conversions and a really cool looking squad. Love the plasma gunner!

  3. I've been following for awhile now, your stuff is very inspirational I look forward to your vanquishing of the followers of the false emperor.