Thursday, 19 March 2015

WIP: Chaos and Mechanicum Characters

With a fresh sense of motivation, and some choice parts, I have for you today a pair of WIP characters for two different armies.

Firstly we have yet another Sorcerer for my Thousand Sons. This one will either serve as a Terminator champion for some upcoming Cataphrctii Terminators, or as a Terminator Sorcerer, depending on what I need and when.

The base model is an old metal Chaos Terminator Sorcerer Lord, which was released around the time of the Medusa V campaign, and is a rarely-seen model these days with bags of potential. The arms are from the plastic Grey Knight Terminator set. The shoulders are Maxmini products, which give off a clear HH-era vibe. 

For weapons, I've gone for an under-slung Plasma Pistol (combi-weapon) and a staff, which will also represent the bolter attacks (low powered lightning or something along those lines). The staff used the tip of an old metal staff, and the shaft from a resin two-handed weapon.

The pistol is a cut down energy pistol from Evil Craft, stuck to the underside of the arm, which was once the home of the Apothecary's tools of the trade. These were cut out, leaving the cabling and displays, ad the pistol glued into place. 

With a cryptic binary message appearing in a recent issue of White Dwarf hinting at a Mechanicum release I thought it would be fun to make myself a Mechanicum model. At this stage it could be used in either a Mechanicum or Dark Mechanicum force: it really depends on if they can be allied with Chaos Space Marines or not, or if I decide to make a stand alone force for display/small skirmish games.

The base model is a Hitech Miniatures Lord Xavier, which was once my Terminator Armour wearing Sorcerer. To start off, the upper face has been gouged out, replaced with two horizontal bionic eyes for that added alien-but-familiar look. The stock kit's arms and shoulders (which were hideous) were long gone, and will be replaced with some Mechanicum-inspired limbs and wargear.

For the left arm, there will be a bionic replacement holding a power axe. Regardless of what HQ options Codex: Mechanicum ends up getting, it will likely come with a power axe: the status symbol of the machine-men from Mars. The arm was made using parts of a Necron model and some leftover rod, with an axe coming from the ever-fantastic Maxmini range.
The right arm will see the model fitted with some ranged capability. This impressive gun-arm hybrid is the old Kai Gun piece from the previously shown Sorcerer. This is perfect for representing any energy gun the HQ may have access to, be it plasma, volkite or something entirely new. 

The wings (another Maxmini item), whilst ornamental in this model's previous incarnation, might find a use this time around, possibly as a force field generator or some other hi-tech piece of equipment. It all depends on what the rumoured book contains.

That is all for now, but keep up to date with both these models via the Facebook page.

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