Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Workshop Datalogs: March 2015

Welcome again to another installment of Workshop Datalogs. On the table this month: tanks, tanks, and tank bits...

Firstly,  nice little break from 40k modelling. Here are a couple of Bolt Action tanks, both for my early war Germans. The tanks are both captured and modified armoured vehicles from other armies, namely the French army and Soviet forces.

This is, unmistakable, a KV-2 heavy tank, one of the most iconic tanks used by the Red Army. The tank needed very little work to make it a captured German vehicle, as most of the work would be in the paint scheme. The only German components added were a commander to the turret, and some generic stowage, both from Warlord Games accessory packs.

The next tank was a little more difficult to produce. It is an LEFH8B2, a very rare conversion of the Char B1 Bis. It involved replacing the turret with a fixed superstructure housing a 105mm howitzer, making a heavily armoured artillery piece.

 Making this involved a lot of cutting, measuring  and meticulous studying of reference material. A full conversion guide will be appearing on the Warlord Games blog (hopefully) in the near future. But first, I want to get it fully panted.

Right, back to 40k for my regulars.

 There's been a small amount of progress on the Relic Predator refurb. The tank has been getting covered in liquid putty to help smooth other any gaps that existed with the kit. Whilst not necessary, I like the idea of the panels being completely flush and blended.

Here is an interesting bit to end the day on. This is the start of a dual-exit exhaust unit for an upcoming tank project. Regular readers may recognise these as a failed attempt to build lascannons for the Spartan tank.

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  1. Nice rework of a gun into exhausts! I can understand the need to make panels look proper. You are basically rebuilding a tank to make it your own!