Monday, 13 April 2015

Review: Mechanicum Skitarii Boxset

Once in a blue moon, GW comes along and gives us something new. For the first time, the Skitarii are a full-blown codex force, with several plastic kits and a hardback book. Today, I'm cracking open a box of their core troops, a Skitarii boxset.

A box of Skitarii will set you back £23.50, which for a box of ten multi-option models, is fairly good for GW these days, when you consider that Scions cost about the same for only five, and some Warhammer Fantasy sets are almost double.

This set contains enough components to make either ten Sktarii Vanguard or ten Skitarii Rangers (or half and half, since the minimum squad size is five). You get three sprues with the components, a transfer sheet, instructions WITH rules for the models (a new trend perhaps?) and a pack of 25mm round bases, with a new mini-oval shaped base, for use if you decide to field a model with a Transuranic Arquebus (AKA a relic-50Cal).

I'm surprised GW is giving people free rules for these models. Sure you should buy the codex to get the full flavour of the faction, but it is a nice touch for those just starting the hobby, and either haven't had the chance or money to buy the codex yet. 

The components fit the fluff: plenty of robes, bionics and arcane equipment. Whilst vastly different to the more servitor-like Mechanicum models from Forge World, this plastic kit still looks like it belongs to this previously under-represented wing of the Imperium. They share a few features with the 30k Solar Auxilia (armour style, robes, and Vanguard helmets), so I see many people using these as an alternative set for making Lasrifle Sections.

The parts are well detailed, with crisp cabling, small style features like the multiple lenses nd rebreathers, and fine iconography on the chest pieces. In terms of optional weapon upgrades, you get one of every option available to the squad, including choices of special weapons for squad members, and pistol and close-combat options for the unit Alphas. As well as weapons the kit comes with an Omnispex and Data Tether.

Modelling-wise, they go together very well. You don't have to fight any of the pieces, and everything has its place. Each pair of legs has a corresponding torso, so it is difficult to fully pose or customise these models without some greenstuff. The arms, however, can be used on any model with no physical restrictions. The robes will need a bit of liquid putty, as there were a few join lines on show.
With the leftover arms, it is very easy to make another unit using other bodies.

The arms are about the same size as those on most Astra Militarum models, and should fit on them with no issues. Here is a pair of arms from the kit used on a DKOK grenadier I had lying around. They need a tiny bit of work to fit these bodies (FW scale differences) but for the most part it is an easy enough conversion.The models stand a tiny bit taller than human models, owing to their bionic-enhanced physique.

Overall this kit is a must-buy for any modeller or gamer. This kit is a great way to start this new army, or as an addition to another one via allies. It is relatively cheap for what you get, and after finishing the squad, you have a ton of extra components to either add to other models, or to help create a second squad. Whilst it's not totally customisble without some cutting, there is plenty of potential for modellers both new and experienced. If this kit is anything to go by, the Mechanicum range will be a fun range for modellers everywhere.

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