Tuesday, 14 April 2015

WIP: Chaos Fire Raptor Redo (Part One)

A few years ago, I bought a second Storm Raven kit, with the intentions of building it into  Fire Raptor gunship: a unit which has recently been given new (and official) rules in Imperial Armour Thirteen. However, after a number of failed attempts to make it look right, I gave up and left it for a bit. A bit turned into a while, and after over a year of no action, I've restarted work on the gunship.

The main thing that put me off was the hull. This was different to my previously made Storm Eagle, as I needed two round indentations for the ball turrets. I had attempted to sculpt these recessions using milliput, but I was (and still wasn't) happy with the results; the surface was far too lumpy and uneven. 

I have since skinned the old work with plasticard, the thinnest stuff I had. I used a circle cutter intended for use on paper to cut the holes: the thinness of the plasticard make this very easy work. For the turrets, I am going for a non-spherical shape, and more of a dilapidated functional shape, a half-circle turret with a flat face for the guns. It may not look as nice as the official ones, but it will work well. The basis for the turrets is a pair of 40mm round bases.

The front of the flyer has been make to look daemonic, with boney tentacles bursting out of the armour. These parts came from the Nagash kit and were leftover from my WIP Daemon Magnus conversion.

Some were shortened, and the cut-offs have been glued along the hull. Greenstuff was used to make it appear that these appendages have torn through the armoured flanks. 

Next up on the to do list is to finish sealing the hull, ready for additional armour plates to be added. The wings will be made up so I can work out what to do with the top of the hull section. Once the basics are done, I ca move onto the fun stuff like weapons and finishing the driver.

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  1. That is going to be one kick ass jet! Could you possibly bump the font size? It's quite difficult to read!