Monday, 18 May 2015

WIP: Heavy Metal Sorcerer

I've been thinking: there just isn't enough metal on this blog.

I started this blog out as a way to share two of my hobbies; wargaming and music. I realised early on that the music and entertainment reviews, whilst popular, clashed a bit too much with the wargaming, which was my main hobby. However, with my girlfriend's metal-themed Chaos Space Marines, they held the two together. But now the Necrons have taken over as her primary force, the musical side has been left in the dark. But not today, because I bring forth a leader of men and of rifts. I have the components to make a new, bigger and better sorcerer lord, with a metal twist.

The base model is from Avatars of War, and is a Lord of Apocalypse with sword and shield. It is a big model, as shown in the above picture. Such a stature is perfect for a lord. The boots and shin armour will probably be altered, as it looks to skinny for power armour. The upper body is perfect, and will be mostly unchanged, mainly removing a skull and some fur at the back to allow a backpack to g on.

I wont be using either of the weapons (the sword is too stumpy, and the shield is our of place in a 40k setting) or either of the heads (which are good, but for another model I think), and instead have the following bits in line.

For the essential force weapon, I have this nice tech-rich staff, from Trazyn the Infinite. The body is being used for another project, so the arms were up for grabs. The head is from a classic metal power armoured Chaos Lord. The right hand is from the Tzeentch Herald on disc, and is giving an awesome pair of devil horns. I've been wanting to use this part on something for ages now, and this sorcerer seems to be the best idea yet. It combines Tzeentch's ways of mutation, and is an iconic gesture of heavy metal music. The backpack is from a Dark Apostle, though it maybe swapped out as it has a few too many imperfections.

The general pose will go something like this. The base model leaves very little room in the way of posing, but I think the pose I've pulled off is suitable. Now that I have the parts and the pose sorted, I'll start the final build. Keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter for pictures of this and other projects.

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