Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WIP: RT Chaos Land Raider Achilles (Part Two)

Restoring a classic car is no easy feat, and neither is a classic model: especially when you're adding modern touches to it. This week has seen much progress of the iconic Land Raider; the turret situation is pretty much resolved, and some awesome little details are making themselves known.

These sponsons came from the Storm Raven kit, originally armed with Hurricane Bolters. The guns were replaced with two Multi Meltas. The big problem I had was finding some sensors/camera for the turrets. I had no suitable vehicle bits in my spares box, and nothing useful elsewhere: that is, until I bought some Sicarian Ruststalkers for my Dark Skitarii at the weekend.

When I first same the box, I thought that the heads for the Infiltrators looked a bit dumb (one of the many reasons I made them as Ruststalkers): they looked more like camera-frisbees...then I had a Eureka moment. The aerials, sensors and lenses were perfect for my needs, and with a bit of trimming they went onto the sponsons. They might look a little goofy right now (R2-D2 comes to mind), but they add to the quirkiness of this tank.

Now that the major issues have been addressed, I can attend to the fun little details. This storage bin, once home to tarps, fuel cans and chains, is now a fitting trophy unit, displaying the helms and skulls of notable foes (and former allies).

The side armour has been reinforced with triangular struts along the tops of the side extensions. The old-school smoke launchers are original parts. A few extra armoured plates have been added to the exhausts. The engine has also been "turbo'd", using leftover bits of junk found in the depths of the parts tower. It is a bit ugly at the moment, so I'll show you it at a later date.

A possible addition to this tank is a Dozer Blade, or some sort of bladed apparatus, to the front. Once I've found a nice design I will begin work on it, then finish off the tracks and riveting.


  1. This monster is really coming together nicely. Excellent work on the restoration so far!

  2. This is fantastic Matt. I love the little details. Brilliant on the ruststalker head, and the pile of heads in the back. Just great!