Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Workshop Datalogs (May 2015)

May has been a good month for starting new projects. Since the start of May I have built two new characters, most of a new support unit, and modified an older vehicle for a new army.

Firstly, characters. Most of you will have seen my heavy metal sorcerer by now, and since the last post, it has reached the painting stage. The model follows the standard pattern for the most part, with the fur cloak being the key difference.

In line with the Thousand Sons hatred of the Space Wolves, the Emperor's favourite lapdogs, the cloak has been painted to look like the skinned pelt of a Thunderwolf. Perhaps it was be the favoured mount of a particularly satisfying kill, or the pet of a long-hated arch enemy.

Next up is a new Warpsmith, this time based off a Terminator (it's a 2+ save anyway, so why not?). The model is an Iron Hand Iron Father from the Horus Heresy range, with new weapons from Kromlech.

This model is more fluff-based than some of my more "custom" creations. Anyone who has read Ahriman: Sorcerer will hopefully see this as Ignis, one the the formidable Masters of Ruin. This ally of Ahriman is a different project for me, as he is described as wearing bright orange and black armour ans is heavily tattooed, which brings new painting challenges. Still, it will be fun to work on, and equally fun to build his automaton Credence, which will likely be based on a Horus Heresy Castellax as it shares similar features (wrist mounted flamers, fists and a bolt cannon).

Supporting these new characters will be a full battery of Rapier guns with a difference. These are based off Tzeentch Screamers of Tzeentch, with gun barrels from Anarchy models. Game-wise they will be run with Butcher Cannons: the Anarchy barrels are big and rugged enough to represent this beefed up Autocannon.

This mecha-daemon look turned out better than I thought, and is the first step on the road to a Daemonkin army, which is strongly rumoured to be coming soon. No harm in being prepared.

Finally we have a chaotic Onager walker for the Dark Skitarii. This is, for the most part, a simple refit of my Forgefiend. It made sense to use it, as it is also an AV12 3HP walker with an invulnerable save. The standard Ectoplasma Cannons can be used as a twin linked Phosphor Blaster, whilst the third head-gun has been modified with a Cognis Stubber and some manipulator arms, which look like creepy mandibles.

I think the arm set up works fine for multi-gunned Onagers like those with an Icarus Array or the Phosphor Blasters, but for the Neutron Laser I have something else in idea for another day my friends. As usual, like, favourite and subscribe, and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Great conversions Matt! I love the heavy metal guy!

  2. Nice work! I've been thinking of making Ignis and Credence since he was first mentioned. Currently reading unchanged. Will be ordering a Castellax but am looking through the other HH terminators for my version of Ignis.