Monday, 1 June 2015

Review: Kromlech Legionary Thunder Gun with Flamethrower (Plus Bonus Review)

Combi-weapons are a great way of adding some extra fire-power to units and characters, without becoming overly specialised. Take for instance the Combi-Flamer; you have both the cover busting ability of the Flamer, with a Bolter's range. Annoyingly such bits are limited to one or two per box, so a lot of people have to make their own or buy more, which can be expensive. This is where Kromlech steps in, with their Legionarry range of combined arms.

At the moment they have this, the Thunder gun with underslung Flamethrower. At a pinch, you could also get away with using this as a Combi-Melta. For the sum of £5.05 you get five resin weapons. Per part, this is far cheaper than buying original parts from bits sites (which charge in the region of £2.50 per gun). So from a cost perspective, this is an effective way to fill your boots with combi-guns.

The guns feature a number of little details, including a dragons head. This generic image means it's not just a weapon for loyalists or traitors, but both. They'd fit in well in any Salamanders force, where the Dragon is iconic to their appearance.

The guns also feature a pair of rails on the topside, allowing accessories such as scopes to be added...

...These ones in fact. Coming in sets of nine for £4.33, these Reflex Scopes are a great addition to any units with a special-ops theme.

They do make the guns shown quite tall, but on longer guns such as rifles, they will look more at home. It is also with noting that they sit lower on basic Thunder Guns. They go well with Kromlech guns, and go onto Thunder Guns with no additional cutting (excluding flash).

From this perspective, the guns are about equal in size to standard GW parts, which makes them ideal for this range. However, the Kromlech guns are about 50% chunkier than GW weapons, making them less suited for human-sized models.

On a Terminator they are right at home, matching the bulky exo-suit's contours perfectly.

So if you're after a ton of combi-guns and need a quick, easy and cheap way to get your fix, Kromlechs offering is the way to go. I'd personally recommend these for use on Terminators, due to their bulky appearance. The scopes are also a worthwhile addition, not just to these, but to any unit with a Spec-Ops style of play or appearance.

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