Monday, 22 June 2015

WIP: 2005 Era Possessed Restoration (Part One)

After almost ten years of searching, I finally grabbed a set that many would consider an awful, abominable sculpt. I am, of course, speaking of the metal Chaos Possessed squad.

 Released in 2005, they seemingly disappeared less than a year later, replaced by the much more popular plastic rendition once the next codex arrived. Now, whether this was because the kits sold poorly, or bad timing, nobody knows, but since then this set is a rare find, with single figures easily reaching £15 each. Thankfully I managed to find a full set for much less, though it does need some work...

The first job was to strip the models, then the fun converting could begin. The models in their stock form are pretty good, though there are a few things I wanted to change.

For the unit champion, I did little. I really like the power fist and bolt pistol arms, and the body is mostly good. I did swap out the chain sword for a modern one, since the blade was too wide and impractical for my liking (the teeth would get stuck in the motor because they were too big. I also fixed the 'clown shoe' with the tip of a Raptor's foot. A plastic possessed backpack was added to finish the model off.

This guy will require a bit of Greenstuff work, but other than that he will be mostly stock, apart from a new-age backpack and a small shoulder pad from the Grave Guard set.

The third guy was missing an arm, so I cleaned up the area and used a plastic arm. The hand is from a plastic Horror, whilst the sword in an Evil Craft item. A should pad was added to the bare left arm for balance.

Number four is pretty good as standard. but the one thing I hated was the axe head, which had the same oversized impractical look of the champion's chain sword. An Ork choppa was used to replace it.

The final guy was one of my favourite sculpts, even if the face is a bit goofy. This will be covered up later on. I've also added a pair of shoulder pads to tie him in with the other models.

I need to do a bit of sculpting work, but once that's done, I can enjoy painting these often overlooked models from gaming history.

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  1. Some of those really aren't too bad. The first one looks pretty cool for sure. I suppose a touch of good paint will really help bring them back from the brink.

    Shocked I don't remember them though, must have slipped through somehow.