Sunday, 7 June 2015

WIP: RT Land Raider Achilles (Part Three)

Slowly, but surely, this relic of days gone by is getting closer to being tabletop ready. Since the last update, I've been focusing on adding some details to the tank, to bring it in line with more modern vehicles. As cool as the Rogue Trader tanks of the 80's and 90's look, they look incredibly outdated next to today's high-definition sculpts.

The second storage bin has been cleaned up and repaired, and filled with skulls, scrolls and helmets to match the other one. 

At the front, some chaotic chains and looks have been added. The chains are from the Chaos Vehicle Accessory Sprue, and the hooks it is hung from are made from scratch.

The leftside door has been given a fluttering banner, from the Flagellant set.

The Empire Flagellants are a great source of detailing parts. The engine has been spiced up with a set of hanging chains and skulls, for that added chaotic feel. I have also finished closing off the back, with a plate at the bottom set at an angle. This covers up all of the melted nastiness and generally neatens up the rear. The exhausts have also been plated up, with the left-side getting some trim. 

More repairs have been made to the tracks, and now only a couple of links need finishing off. The stock tracks and the replacements have been detailed using very thin plasticard, to at least hint at a proper hinge. I may cover up some of the built up glue spills with sand and dirt. 

I'm still in need of some more multi-meltas, so until then I cannot paint it (if anyone has some free to a good home, I'll be interested). But I can focus on the detailing work, with the rivets next on my list.